About Code Nerps

Code Nerps is a small team containing 2 people. Dudley Seddon & Isaac Smith. Together they provide content randomly to the public. Everything from youtube videos to video games.


My name is Dudley Seddon. I am a website & game developer.


I started programming in 2013-2014. The first language I learned was HTML followed by CSS. Together, they are used to develop websites. I then, about a year later, started to learn C. Making small, text-based, games for the command prompt. Some time later from then, I wanted to start making games with actual graphics, so I started to learn the SFML library. Based off of C++. After working on few games in SFML, I switched over to the first game engine I’ve ever used. Unity. In Unity, there are three main languages in which you can use to develop games. C# and UnityScript (Unity’s version of JavaScript) and Boo. While I learned the basics of C#, I never really got into it and that has really pulled my programming down to a slow crawl. At some point during those years I did start to learn C++ and still am to this day. Slowly.


After I started to use Unity, my friend Isaac Smith, started to turn more towards the programming side of things which pushed me more towards the art side of things (which I still like). I started to do art as I was using SFML creating small low resolution pictures in Photoshop to apply to my games. When I switched over to Unity, I already knew how to use Photoshop and so started to work on the 2D side of things with projects like, Chain Bound, Ball o’ Light, etc. Eventually we turned to 3D games. Since I, obviously, couldn’t use Photoshop anymore. I had to switch over to using a 3D modeling software. I chose Blender. At first I always messed up and was really slow. Since I didn’t know fully how to use blender and the small tips and tricks that you can only get from experience. But, after a while of using Blender, I got used to it and had learned all the important controls. I made textures in Photoshop still which were applied to the blank models creating a good looking model for a game. Ever since then I have pushed my way over to different parts of game development. But, always, I would find myself going back to Blender and, 3D modeling in general. I now have access to the Substance Pack. I am still learning my way around Substance Painter, and have barely touched the other two applications. But, I’m sure I can get better at using all the Substance Pack applications.


My name is Isaac Smith. I am a game developer & web developer.


I started programming in 2013-2014. At first I learned how to make websites, HTML then CSS then Javascript then PHP. After that I thought wouldn’t it be cool to make a game. So I started learning more languages. I learned C first making text-based games, then I learned c++ with SFML to make some games with 2D graphics. That was so great I decided I wanted to be a game developer. So I did research and learned what Game Engines are and started to use Unity3D. Along with that I also learned c# (my best language). Now I make 3D and 2D games with Unity and I also dibble dabble in c++ every now and again.


I started to do 2D art shortly after starting to make games. It was the first kind of art that I could make and felt good about. I would make simple sprites and throw them into a game and feel great about it. After a while of making 2D art I started getting into 3D art. I have been doing 3D art for probably a year and I have expanded my knowledge of 3D art probably by over 100%. Point being, I am a lot better at it then I was.


I have always loved music and always will. I first started playing music when I was about 8. I learned how to play drums well. The next thing I learned was the trumpet, and then the saxophone and then piano/keyboard. I have created some short loops and pieces and I love it. I wish to become much greater at creating music as I continue my life.