Want to jump right into the game?
You can download it on Game Jolt!

Things you need to know before playing:

  • The game may be loud.
  • The game was made in less than 72 hours.
  • There is flashing colors at some points so if you have epilepsy DO NOT play this game.

About the game

Stranded On Velorum is a game where you play as an astronaut and you need to refuel your ship and leave the planet before you run out of oxygen. Sound’s easy? Well it isn’t quite that easy. You have to survive with the little oxygen you have and another thing. This thing is what most people like to call ‘food’. So the last thing I have to say is, Good Luck to you.


Movement: to move you use the a key (move left) and d key (move right) keys. Press spacebar to jump.
Shop you can go in to a shop by pressing the F key and closing the shop by pressing escape.
Pause you can pause the game by pressing escape.

Fun Facts:

• All of the sfx except for the ship launch was made with a part on my face.
• We started working on the game 14 hours after the jam started.
• Craig Downie was a major contributor to the textures and sprites of this game.